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Ninjacise Bootcamp

9:30am Wednesdays, 9:30am & 10:45am Sundays

Turnham Green in Chiswick

Email Akiko at if you are interested in a trial session.

A Bit About Me

My goal is not only to help people get fitter, healthier and happier but also to help exercisers work out safely.


Akiko Matsudaira

Certified Personal Trainer

Other qualifications

Pre- & Postnatal Coach

Senior Fitness Specialist

NASM Optimum Performance Training Certificate

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What I Do

I use the field, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, the Swiss ball and your own body.

Ninjacise Bootcamp
Ninjacise Bootcamp

Bootcamp sessions

This is a circuit training class. All levels are welcome as you work out at your own pace and at your own level.

Pay-as-you-go: £15 per session

A pre-paid package: £40 (£10 x 4 sessions)

* 4 sessions to be used within 6 weeks from the first session

* Non-refundable

PT sessions

I provide fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

1-to-1 Outdoor PT session £55 per hour

1-month pre-paid package £200 (£50 x 4 one hour sessions)*

*4 sessions to be used within 28 days from the first session.

* Non-refundable

2-to-1 Outdoor PT session £80 per hour for 2 people

Chiswick Bootcamp - Turnham Green Bootcamp

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Client Testimonials

< Bootcamp session >

I love Akiko’s bootcamp classes and have been going to them for more than 2 years. I’ve tried other bootcamp classes in the area and they do not compare to the excellence of Akiko’s classes. They are varied, well thought through and invigorating. It’s a great all round work out combining strength and cardio exercises but what sets Akiko apart from others is how encouraging, motivating and attentive she is to ensure that your positioning is always correct. In the past, when I have injured myself doing other things, she has adapted the exercise to suit me to make sure there is no additional stress or further injury. 

I would highly recommend her classes. 

Hemita Anand 

< PT session > 

Working with Akiko has been life changing. Last summer she helped me with my weight loss journey. I managed to lose 10KG in 3 months. Akiko customises the circuits and the exercises to my profile and is always very supportive and encouraging which helps a lot. 

She is also genuinely the kindest person and yet makes you work hard. She is very detail oriented, making sure I have the right posture so as not to hurt myself.  I have seen so much difference in my body.  Akiko is the best!

Alexa Marston 

< Bootcamp session >

I started the sport sessions with Akiko 5 months ago and I love it! I used to do a lot of sport when I was in Paris but I stopped after having my baby. The sport session Akiko organize are demanding but suitable to any level. You work out all the parts of your body and the exercises do vary all the time so that you never get bored or too tired. Whatever your objective, Akiko will always encourage you to reach them out and is very attentive to your posture when doing the exercises. Thanks a lot Akiko!

Lucie L

< Bootcamp session >

I started Akiko’s Boot Camp on Sundays with the objective to get back in shape and get more toned after having had 2 children and low activity during lockdowns. The class has been everything I hoped for and more. Akiko is a great coach, I love that the class is outside and with the right equipment I have loved it rain or shine even in the cold winter months. 

After a bit more than a year following the class weekly I feel more energetic, more confident and back to wearing sleeveless tops which had become a big no-no for me. The group is very friendly, unlike other classes I’ve been to you can really feel the team spirit. Thanks Akiko 🙏 

Charlotte Mahieu 

< Bootcamp session >

I've started taking Akiko's bootcamp session since last year and the result was incredible! I am not only getting stronger physically but it has been great joy to work out with a group. I remembered in my first few sessions I was feeling extremely tired but now I feel great doing exercise and not (so easily) getting tired! Akiko is a great trainer and her smile always encourages me to keep going. 

Everything is from the bottom of my heart! Thanks so much, Akiko!

Nahyun Kim 

< Bootcamp session >

When it comes to fitness, Akiko’s bootcamp is my go-to activity for achieving my body goals. It’s challenging but it’s fun & it’s also a great place to meet new friends. Akiko’s untiring perseverance and relentless energy push me to give my all every week & I thank her for it. 

Maz Fernandes 

< Bootcamp session >

Can’t recommend Akiko's bootcamp highly enough! Really friendly groups, no pressure, as intense as you want it to be - with great focus and feedback on your technique from Akiko.  I felt a real difference after only a few months - and love that the exercises and difficulty levels change and develop as you do.  Everyone should do it!

Jen T 

< Bootcamp session >

I’ve been going to Akiko’s classes for over 2 years now. It’s a fantastic way to get fit, spend time outdoors (whatever the weather!) and be in a positive, supportive environment with friendly exercisers. Akiko is very skilled, knowledgeable and a great teacher too. She has a different level of exercise at each station, so whether you’re very experienced or want to take it slower it’s an inclusive, effective workout for everyone.

Aliya Mirza 

< PT session >

Akiko is a highly professional and knowledgeable PT who has made a big difference to my training. She is very attentive to my personal needs and produces a bespoke plan for all of her clients. She’s always encouraging and pushes me to achieve more in every session. She’s sensitive and gets to know you well, and though challenging I always enjoy our sessions. I have seen improvements in my strength and fitness thanks to my training with Akiko - I can’t recommend her enough.

Orita K 

< Bootcamp session >

I suddenly found myself a participant in a Women's Body Building Championship in a packed stadium in North America somewhere, with INXS's New Sensation blaring out of the speakers. I had no idea what I was doing but I danced to the music and pulled the poses I'd seen on TV and tried not to pee myself. I was dreaming, thank goodness, but when I woke up, I was sure my marriage to inertia was over. I decided it was time to change my mode of being, to commit to some training and feel the effects of having a stronger and more conditioned body. I remembered seeing an outdoors exercise group on Turnham Green ages ago and walked down one day to observe Akiko's "Ninjacise". Back at home, I began to entertain just the tiniest element of body building from my dream and wondered if I could have the well-defined back sported by Akiko on her website. Nevermind that I currently have a wadrobe of elasticated trousers! Five weeks in, my plank time has gone from 15 seconds to 2'10" and I have certainly have more energy from working through the great variety of exercises every Sunday on Turnham Green. Akiko is a very engaging and caring trainer who is able to scale down/up exercises to everyone's needs, so you'd never feel intimated or excluded. I would have been sceptical if I'd read my own review, so the only way you can find out about Ninjacise is to try it for yourself!

Gina B 

< Bootcamp session >

i had pain in my knees/hips - Akiko's bootcamp helped to strengthen the core muscles (that i didnt know exist) and remove pressure from joints eventually eliminating pain!

Justas Grigalauskas 

< Bootcamp session >

It has been a year since I joined the bootcamp.  Akiko is super passionate about fitness, very attentive and helpful.  She is always there for you and supports, corrects and encourages everyone. There is a great variety of activities including cardio, strength, flexibility ect. We also have fun and laughter together. Highly recommend!


< PT session> 

Ive been training with Akiko on a one-to-one basis for eight months now and I can honestly say she is one of the best instructors I have ever trained with.

Having been spoilt in an upmarket gym in Soho and had the same trainer there ( also superb) for many years I suddenly found myself locked out and locked down!

The prospect of working out on the grass, in the rain and cold, seemed like a grim substitute to the fluffy towels and state of the art machines of a W1 gym, but having watched Akiko in action one chilly November morning with ten plucky boot-campers she inspired me to give her a go. And Im so glad I did!  

She not only combines all the motivational skills you would wish for, she makes the exercises fun and easy to follow, always demonstrating each routine herself or even doing the exercises with me where possible. 

Her attention to detail is exceptional, and most importantly of all, she really cares about technique and the progress I’m making during each session. 

With summer finally arriving it is a real joy working out under the beautiful trees and fresh air, with the occasional visit by Dodger the dog who gives me a sneaky chance to catch my breath and get a few extra seconds to recover from the last routine! It’s a long way from my gym in darkest Soho.

Akiko is an exceptional trainer and she has helped make lockdown and training bearable, productive, and enjoyable for this stressed, creaky Geordie. 

I can thoroughly recommend her. 

Malcolm Gerrie 

<PT session>

I have a condition what affects my joints and muscles and the work Akiko has done with me has been AMAZING. I feel stronger and more confident with my body. She is a very enthusiastic personal trainer and very knowledgeable in her profession. I look forward to every session with her.

Lili H 

<PT session>

I started working out with Akiko twice a week starting last summer. During this time I went from barely holding a plank for 30 seconds to comfortably completing maintaining it for over 5 minutes. Akiko does an amazing job creating challenging, fun and fulfilling exercises for every session.

Alex H 

<PT session>

Training with Akiko is uplifting and creative. No session is ever the same! She combines challenging exercise with technical precision and lots of encouragement, and makes every minute count! PT with Akiko is fantastic.


<PT session>

I signed up for Akiko's one to one personal training after having several recommendations from local friends. With far too many hours sat in front of a computer, I was specifically looking for some help to me build muscle and core strength.  Akiko's session are brilliant! She is very professional, organised and each session comes with new, challenging exercises. She has tailored the training to meet my specific requirements and has been happy to create a weekly 'homework' schedule for me to do outside of the sessions.  Her energy and commitment inspires you to give your best and she gets results. I can't recommend her enough. Thanks Akiko!

Nicola Bebb 

<PT session>

I was inspired to start training with Akiko when I saw her on Turnham Green last summer. As a result of lockdown, I felt my fitness levels deteriorating and was unable to get motivated, so needed some help. I’ve been training with Akiko for 10 months now and she has introduced me to exercises I never imagined I’d be able to do (having reached my fifties). She is incredibly patient and meticulous in ensuring that I achieve the correct posture and ensures that sessions are varied and challenging so that I’m always progressing. She is very caring, professional, and fun to work with. I really look forward to the sessions with Akiko and love being able to train in the open air. I can’t recommend her enough! 

Fiona Wallace 

<PT session>

I have been seeing Akiko for personal training session every week for about 3 months now. She is very professional,  caring and tries to stretch  my routine and I feel the benefit for it. I even got my partner to see her weekly!  It is an ongoing professional relationship and so far I find her excellent in her approach and thought process.  I highly recommend anyone who is considering her to help them with any fitness routines to achieve their goals, to give her a try.  You won't regret it. Best wishes.  HB


< PT session >

Akiko is a professional and caring personal trainer.  She is meticulous to ensure exercises are done correctly and thoroughly. I have never had a more attentive trainer. I find her one-on-one classes interesting,  varied and brilliant. Value for money is great too. 

Stephen Allcock 

< PT session > 

It is very effective and great fun working out with Akiko. She is brilliantly creative and can make up lots of exercises out of a handful of props. It makes paying for a gym membership or gym personal trainer so obsolete, when you would rather be outdoors, learn to use your own body weight more efficiently, with the help of just a couple of rubber bands and weights, under Akiko’s expert eye - this has been the best workout time for me ! I highly recommend Akiko.

Monica Tanase, ex-gym addict 

< Bootcamp session> 

I joined Chiswick Ninjacise a year ago and Akiko has really helped improve my overall fitness. When I began I had no stamina and no upper body strength, but now I feel a lot stronger and confident in my own skin. Her knowledge is extensive and she makes you feel completely at ease! The Bootcamps Akiko run have helped me keep consistent with exercising as I actually enjoy attending! It’s tough don’t get me wrong...Akiko will work you hard but you’re having fun while doing it. I can’t recommend Akiko enough!

Donya Shirazi 

< Bootcamp session > 

This bootcamp is the best combo of fresh air, intensive exercises and great company. Couple of months of doing the bootcamp I feel a big difference in my body - toned, stronger and wanting more! Akiko is very professional and always adjusts the exercises individually-all set for the best result!

Juste Grigalauskiene

< Bootcamp session > 

Akiko’s Bootcamp is a great way to fit in a whole body, core workout in a friendly atmosphere and outdoors. There is no pressure beyond the best effort you can do for yourself. Akiko has a keen eye for form, substance and prepares each class in advance so that the exercises change between classes and rotate throughout the year to keep the class fresh, challenging and invigorating. A great way to start your day, I would highly recommend this class to anyone, beginner, super-fit, and in-between. See you there!

Adrian Apodaca

< Bootcamp session > 

I started with Akiko's bootcamp a year ago as a New Year's resolution to get fit. Today, I can honestly say that her bootcamp has played a significant role in the success. It's tough but fun, with great team spirit and always varying exercises in a lovely outdoor setting. It gets me out of bed and motivated every Sunday morning.

Stefan Meier

< Bootcamp session > 

I am not really a gym going person and prefer to be outdoors but I find running a bit boring. Akiko’s class is therefore providing me the perfect way to exercise; outdoors and as part of a fun group. The exercises are varied and enable me to strengthen all parts of the body while also providing some cardio work. Moreover, I like the way Akiko runs the class: professional, friendly and not afraid to push me further.

Rachel Meckler

< Bootcamp session > 

Akiko’s classes keep me accountable to my workout goals. She knows her stuff- knowledgeable and motivating. She explains the circuits and adjusts our form as needed, making sure we are challenged and safe.  

Working out with a group is fun and Akiko is super encouraging.

Nancy Johnson

< Bootcamp session > 

Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and she is the ultimate professional, putting the wellbeing of her clients first. No one session is the same and rain or shine I feel empowered to commit to my sessions - you can’t beat the feeling of having done a great workout in the open air!

Emma Bailey

<Bootcamp session> 

Akiko is a super enthusiastic and motivating trainer and a great example of the benefits of her workout. She takes care that everyone is doing exercises correctly and you feel the benefits really quickly. Highly recommended.

Jocelyn Mason

<PT session> 

Akiko is an amazing PT. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and reliable. She will research and put together a programme that meets your specific physical and health requirements. I highly recommend her.

Caroline Haye

<PT session> 

I reluctantly took up PT session with Akiko, but she has led me gently with great encouragement and after just 4 sessions my confidence has soared and my level of fitness increased dramatically.

Tanya Saunders

<PT session> 

I need someone I respect, feel inspired by and trust. I am motivated by Akiko because she is dedicated, professional and lives the example that it is possible to be fit and strong. I feet great. Thanks, Akiko!

Sandra Mithani

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